Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Message from the Chair (March 2007)

Michael J. “Mik” Robertson,

Looking forward for the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania there are some exciting times ahead. Not only do we have our state convention coming up on May 5 (and I hope everyone can attend) this is a year for municipal elections. We have some information in this edition we hope will inspire more Libertarians to get involved in the decision-making process in their local communities.

Being an elected official in local government can be challenging and often not very financially rewarding, but can offer a lot of insight into the way government functions in our commonwealth. This insight can help to clarify some of the problems with government and lead people to develop solutions. I encourage anyone who is interested to run for office.

Also in the future we have some significant issues to address with the commonwealth legislature. Not only do current election laws limit the choices of the voter by unreasonably restricting ballot access, but votes cast by some voters are not counted and reported in the same way as others. This must change if we are to meet the free and equal election mandate of our Commonwealth Constitution.

Some states have taken the bold step of declining to enforce the provisions of the federally mandated REAL ID act. This act would require the creation of a national database based on the state driver’s license and provide for linking that information to a number of other entities, creating immense control over personal information in the hands of a few. We will support any action of the legislature to stop this intrusion into the personal lives of individuals.
In addition to these issues and the promotion of individual liberty, personal responsibility, and limited government, there is another item on which I would like the input of all our members. There is continued talk of a constitutional convention in the Commonwealth. This means re-writing the Commonwealth Constitution is being considered. If this were to take place, how would the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania write our constitution?

I ask all of our members to read, or re-read the Pennsylvania Constitution, over the next couple of months. Think about what you would like it to say. Pick parts you like and parts you don’t like. Let us know which sections you would change or keep and why. This is an issue I would like to explore and share with our readers. Please e-mail your suggestions to, or you may leave a voice mail or send a fax to 1-800-R-RIGHTS (1-800-774-4487). Thank you and your support is greatly appreciated.

Michael J. “Mik” Robertson is the chair of the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania. He currently serves as Licking Township Supervisor.

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