Tuesday, March 20, 2007

2007 Election Schedule

The following time line is recommended for individuals and/or County Committees to get Libertarians on the ballot and to WIN elected positions. It is not as difficult as you may think. Although we continuously lobby, debate, and educate the local D/R leaders, the best thing to do is to REPLACE them!

January 1 through April 13
• Register as Libertarian.

May 8
• Get samples of the D and R ballots for the Primary.
• Check them for 0PEN positions, or “only one” positions.
• Write-in possibilities are often available.

May 15
• Primary Day
• Distribute write-in slips at a proper distance from the election building.

May 16
• Begin collecting signatures on the nomination papers for Libertarian candidates.
• Signatures of ANY registered voter count!
• The required number of signatures is 2 % of the votes previously cast for that district. It could be only ten.
• Collect an additional 30% signatures more than the required number.
• Turn in the notarized nomination papers, along with a financial statement.

July 31
• The last day to file the nomination papers. (Don’t wait until the last day.)

November 6
• Election Day. Vote Libertarian!

For further information please contact:
• Mik Robertson, LPPa Chair, chair@lppa.org, 814-358-2882
• Dave Jahn, LPPa Eastern Vice Chair, evchair@lppa.org, 610-461-7755
• Berlie Etzel, LPPa Western Vice Chair, wvchair@lppa.org, 814-797-2855

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