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2006 Libertarian Candidate Guide

Eight Libertarian Heros are on the Ballot!

Tom Martin
State Senate, District 34
(Centre, Juniata, Mifflin, Perry and Union Counties), 814-692-7304

Tom Martin has a degree in biology from Penn State University. He is a software engineer at Penn State with certifications in Oracle databases and Microsoft servers. Tom and his wife Terry are proud parents of their 14 year old son Charlie. Tom is an Assistant Scoutmaster in his son’s Boy Scout troop and a soccer referee. In 2005 he was elected to a second term as Auditor of Huston Township. He ran for state representative in 2004 and U.S. Congress in 2000, 2002, and 2004. This year Tom is also a write-in candidate for U.S. Senate.

Top 3 issues:
1. Ballot Access – free and fair elections for Americans
2. Term Limits – term limit legislators and time limit their legislation

Contributions: Please send checks to: Tom Martin for State Senate, 298 Shultz Hollow, Julian, PA 16844

Ed Tonkin
State Representative, District 5
(Crawford and Erie Counties), 814-835-9411

Ed Tonkin graduated from Hillsdale College in 1979 with a degree in history. He is a former traveling industrial salesman and the married father of three children. In 1996 Ed Tonkin ran for U.S. Congress against Chris Shays in Connecticut’s 4th district. Currently Ed is disabled, undergoing dialysis three times a week because of kidney problems. This year Ed is also a write-in candidate for U.S. Congress in the 3rd district.

Top 3 issues
1. Property rights – put teeth in eminent domain restrictions overturning Kelo
2. Citizen legislature – term limits, cut salaries and eliminate pensions, barracks for living quarters
3. Education – separation of school and state

Contributions: Please send checks to: Ed Tonkin for State Representative, 1404 Pasadena Dr., Erie, PA 16505

Demo Agoris
State Representative, District 48 (Washington County),, 724-745-6670
53 W Pike St, Houston, PA 15342-1428

Demo Agoris has a degree in Meteorology from Penn State University. Demo served in the Pennsylvania air national guard. Currently he is a small business owner who manufactures candy and invests in real estate. His philosophical mission is motivating others to use positive leadership in their daily problem solving life. Demo Agoris was elected to the Houston borough council in 1995 and served as Chair of Houston’s Government Study Commission. In addition, Demo ran for state representative in 1998, 2000, 2002, and 2004.

Top 3 issues
1. Accountability – require officials to abide by voter referendums
2. Citizen legislature – term limits, reduced pay, no pensions, and no benefits for all past and current elected officials
3. Health care – limit attorney’s fees to 10% ($100,000 maximum)

Contributions: Candidate is not accepting donations.

Michael J. “Mik” Robertson
State Representative, District 63
(Armstrong and Clarion Counties), 814-358-2882
614 Canoe Ripple Rd, Sligo, PA 16255

Mik Robertson and his wife Maggie are the proud parents of their 19-month old daughter Claire. Mik is Chair of the Licking Township Board of Supervisors (appointed in 2000, elected in 2001 and 2003), Vice-Chair of the Clarion County Sewage Association, and is a member of the executive board of the Clarion County Association of Township Officials. He also served on the Licking Township-Callensburg Borough Regional Planning Committee. Mik has a BA degree in Geology from Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota. He is a project geologist with Letterle & Associates in Franklin, PA and operates a farm with his wife. In 2003 Mik ran for Clarion County Commissioner, and in 2004 he ran for state representative and state senator.

Top 3 issues
1. Election reform – improve ballot access; eliminate public funds for political party activity
2. Education – improve educational choice and reduce state government mandates on schools
3. Welfare – end corporate welfare and reform community revitalization funding

Contributions: Candidate is not accepting donations.

Kat Valleley
State Representative, District 70
(Montgomery County),

Kat Valleley and her husband are the proud parents of three kids: Kate, Sarah, and Timmy. Kate attends a charter school; Sarah and Timmy are homeschooled. Kat is a realtor with Prudential Fox & Roach Realtors. Her hobbies include reading, piano, singing, and video games.

Top 3 issues
1. Taxes & Spending – reduce spending, reduce taxes
2. Education – put parents back in control with competition: promote homeschooling, charter schools, and other alternatives
3. Accountability – give citizens no less than ten business days to review and comment on legislation

Contributions: Please send checks to: Friends of Kat Valleley, PO Box 276, Kulpsville, PA 19443

James Babb
State Representative, District 157
(Montgomery and Chester Counties),

James Babb and his wife Christina are proud parents of two young daughters: Dorothy and Violet. James is a small business owner running TRA Consulting, LLC, which provides expert sales, marketing and advertising services. James is Chair of the Libertarian Party of Montgomery County. He helped with the petition drive in 2004 which successfully got Michael Badnarik and Betsy Summers on the ballot. A professional percussionist in several bands, he has a passion for music. His other interests include travel, nature photography, and science. James ran for state representative in 2004, when he earned 11%.

1. Taxes and spending – It’s your money; eliminate spending not explicitly authorized by the Pennsylvania constitution
2. Education – End compulsory government schooling, put parents back in charge.
3. Environment – Hold polluters responsible instead of taxpayers; end pay-to-pollute programs

Contributions: On-line at or by mail to: Babb for Pennsylvania, PO Box 2106 Southeastern, PA 19399. Gold and silver accepted.

Jeremy Levan
State Representative, District 129 (Berks County),, 610-643-6281, 159 Pennbrooke Ave, Robesonia, PA 19551

Jeremy Levan is 24 years old. He works part time at Turkey Hill Minit Markets while pursuing his education through distance learning online. In his spare time Jeremy is an amateur musician with a local band singing and playing guitar, bass, and synthesizer. Up until recently he ran, a news and media website focusing on Pennsylvania politics; however, the website is on hiatus while he campaigns.

Top 3 issues
1. Property taxes – abolish all property taxes on a citizen’s owned-occupied, primary residence
2. Education – voucher system for public schools, tax credits for homeschool and private school, privatize extra curricular activities
3. Health Care – tort reforms capping non-economic damages and attorney contingency fees in medical malpractice cases

Contributions: Please send checks to: Jeremy Levan for State Representative, 159 Pennbrooke Ave, Robesonia, PA 19551

Ray Ondrusek
State Representative, District 102
(Lebanon County) ,
717-866-4967, 300 W Park Ave, Myerstown, PA 17067

Ray Ondrusek is a computer software developer and has been Chair of the Libertarian Party of Lebanon County since 2003. He previously worked as chief engineer at his college radio station, a systems programmer in compiler construction, a carpenter, and an adult education teacher of Solar Energy and Conservation. He is an amateur musician who composes music using the piano, trumpet, and electronic music synthesizers. His hobbies include skiing, hiking, hunting, and flying airplanes. Ray ran for state representative in 2002 and 2004.

Top 3 issues
1. Crime – end parole for violent criminals
2. Health care – promote competition in a free market to ease escalating health care costs
3. Welfare – reform welfare and public assistance; end corporate welfare
Contributions: On-line at

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